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Comment from Giorgio D'Angelo:

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Comment from Lori Mier:

Hi! Please visit our new Etsy shop! I first created this shop to sell my nature photos in an attempt to raise money to help with a family goal of creating a not for profit therapeutic hiking program for foster youth. I am now expanding my shop to include the work of my husband, Vince, who took some amazing photographs on his 2011 Appalachian Trail thru hike. My photos were mainly taken in Virginia, a good majority of them shot in Shenandoah National Park while hiking solo or with my young son. By day I am a social worker and Vince manages an Outfitter; as a family we spend most of our spare time outdoors. We hope you like our work & happy trails to you! #naturephotography #shenandoahnationalpark #appalachiantrail

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