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Comment from Aaron:

York peninsula, South Australia.

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Comment from Matt Skinner:

Composite image of the Leonid meteor shower combined with the Aurora Borealis in Alaska. All of these meteors were captured with my camera in the span of about 2.5 hours.

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Comment from Trip Paradise:

Follow @tripara.dise for more beautiful images worldwide! 🏷Tag @tripara.dise to be featured! Amazing image straight from California with @joshua_p_crites visit his amazing gallery! ・・・ LONE CYPRESS Not the easiest location to access but definitely one of the coolest. I have been to this site a handful of times, and this is the only time I've ever seen or captured any airglow. Within 15 minutes of taking this photo the sky was completely covered with fog. Hope you like it. #lonecypress #pebblebeach #photooftheday #artofvisuals #instagood #longexposure #wildcalifornia #theimaged #ourplanetdaily #ig_color #westcoast_exposures #ig_epicshots #amazingshots #cdhvisuals #landscape #longexpoelite #nightscaper #milkywaychasers #natgeo #nightimages #monterey #montereybay #california

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Comment from Darkskyshothebest:

. در تصویر بالا شاهد طلوع زیبای بر فراز میشیگان هستیم. ای که دیگر چیزی از آن باقی نمانده پی در پی با امواج شتست شو داده می شود. 🌕🌊 . عکاس: James Jordan منبع: photographyblogger –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– 🌕 plz double tab if you love it . . via @astronomy_for_all . . .

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Comment from Tracy:

×× 11/20/17

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📷 by __ Reposted from our Facebook group. Join and post in our group to get a feature! Link in bio. __ Category: panorama My Instagram: My Facebook: My 500px: Location :Iran urmia lake Thirsty lake It was the largest lake in the Middle East and the sixth largest saltwater lake on Earth. These are no good days for the lake and now this beautiful lake is drying. This image was registered in 2016. Although more than a year has passed since then, unlike the promises of the officials, and despite the formation of various campaigns and groups to save the lake, all efforts has been futile and the lake is approaching the death day to day. This is the smallest thing a photographer can do. My goal of recording this photo is to convey the scream of the lake to the world. I named it the thirsty lake, hoping for the day the lake is returned to its previous state and watered again. 14 vertical shots Exif: Nikon d810+14-24mm f/2.8 Focal:15mm ISO: 2500 f/2.8 speed20" Date:2016/june/30 9:20

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Comment from Amol Kankane:

It's been 3 months since I've been in Pune and I love this place so much already. Traveling less than 150 kms, you have so many places to go to and so many experiences to live. This picture was taken at Nagaon beach near Alibag and the light on the trees is from a fire we lit up to roast our delicious fishes (my first time experience cooking fish). We drove *on* the beach for about 2 kms to find our entirely personal space. :P This was clicked just before we had to leave as the waves were already touching us because of the high tide and we had to drive *through* them. Well, stuff you do to get the kick, you know? One of the most memorable experiences for sure. More pictures to come. :) . . . . . . . . . . . #insta #travel #travelgram #photography #photopills #phone #phonephotography #maharashtra #alibag #nagaon #beach #beachy #beaches #night #nightscaper #nightscape #nightsky #l4l #ff #stars #astro #astrophotography #nature #adrenaline #longexposure #trees

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