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Poet's Love📝 I'm in love with language The relationship is strong It stays faithful to me Even when I'm in the wrong Sometimes I feel to stop Then it tells me carry on When i don't write often It wonders where The love has gone I'm in love with language The relationship is true It helps me to express Everything I'm going through This poem is overdue An expression Of my love for you Without you in my life I don't know What I'll do

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Comment from Hafsa Laa:

Each game is different. Not the same moves nor even the same tactics. Each brings inside an unlike feeling: To conquer the world, or to be content with a simple GAME OVER. Can you dare to play again? Can you dare change your strategy? ... If your answer is YES, Would this attempt switch the bricks? Just like a magic trick, flip it all around for a new result, this time, more significant. Sometimes a small part from the puzzle would take ages to be solved. For some reasons, you may figure it out effortlessly in no time ... That's irony. But, most of all that's perseverance. Yet, for me I think it's a forthright "GAME OVER"... . . . Hafsa Laa #writing #writercommunity #writerofinstagram #perseverance #writer #wordporn #spokenword #spokenwordpoetry #poet #poetofinstagram #poetry #omypoetry #gameover #playagain #hope #inspiration #inspiringwriting

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Comment from aYuShI SriVastavA:

Another rape happened!!! When? maybe right now! Where? Many places on this planet! Who was it? Some human I guess! Who did it? Someone disguised as human! Why I didn't hear anything ? Didn't get reported! What if does? Well, if they survive we'll kill them by our sympathy! Should I post about it? Yup, but dont help when you see it happening just click a selfie or something for "evidence"! (Note the sarcasm, please) Hello guys just wanna refresh your mind by telling you about a girl getting raped in harayana, and just lemme remind you of a pakastani girl we all posted few weeks back and few months back a girl getting raped in noon while people clicked pics and a year before that a girl being imprisoned for filing the case and before that a prisoner who was a guy getting raped 23 times, and around that time came the case of this guy who got raped but can't complain because the massive product of ignorance, our favorite law section 377 still exist.Years ago there was a case of guddi which was just after our favorite thing to talk about "the nirbhaya case" and justice after 5 years!! This are some of the cases I have pin pointed which somehow got reported or/and media raised.Now this post won't do much because it isn't threatening enough for rapists but I guess it's worth pondering upon for the society in which such parasites grow. And this post is mainly for those assholes who are only care about things so that have something to post, who think saying the word "rape" is more offensive than the crime itself, who thinks it's a culture and moder day problem, taking "evidences" and who are silent and silencing others. I have piece of advice for you, Daniel Fernandez ( a comedian but this isn't funny) has said it and I quote "Life will give you many chances to not to be an asshole JUST TAKE IT." Just wanna say, don't be afraid and change yourself or your opinion or lifestyle because this fear is their power. And help your friends, family and everyone around you more humane.RAISE HUMANS!!! . #crazphile . Ps-Tag your friends or whatever and spread the word

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Comment from TheBrokenSilhouette:

Story Of My Life. I see the story in your eyes, A love towards the light, When I speak to you I felt like, I should come there and hold you tight, And whisper near you that, I'm here everything will be alright. I know you have given many, And gained nothing. Just because someone put you in a worst, Doesn't mean you have been cursed. You are for one, Not for many. If you could see through me, Later you could have understood how perfectly you are to me. I'm still here standing at your door, To shower you with all the love you deserve more and more. Give yourself a chance to live, The life which you living it isn't worth if there is no sugar of love. Love had taken many from you Although it has given you so far. Let's come out of the zone of being alone, And be with the companion you always dream of. Let the love upside your universe, And make it more preserve. My All Time Faded Love _Priyanka Aro ________________ #priyanka_aro #poeticlife #typewriter #love #likeforlike #followforfollow #tag #writersofig #love #preserve #hope #companion #readers #writertobe #bymepoetryamerica #bymepoetry #wordsofwisdom #powertowords #writingspook #writersden #writersofinstagram #writersblock #poetry #poetofinstagram #poetics

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