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Warm days, happy hearts❤️

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| not guinness or green beer | happy saint patrick's day

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ST. PADDY’S /// You don’t need the luck of the Irish to sell homes - you just need Donna Tays + Team! Cheers to you and a green beverage of your choosing - stay safe! Happy St. Patricks Day!

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The amazing @dr_dianefinding performing a chin and cheek augment using Beletero Volume @beloterocan in our beautiful patient You can see the doctor performing a chin augment using a direct injection to augment our patients chin, then switching over to a cannula technique to enhance her cheeks. Dr Finding will usually switch back and fourth between needle work and cannula to give her patients not only the best treatment possible, but also the safest Dr Finding then ends treatment with Botox injections @allerganplc into the axilla for hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating. This is a therapeutic treatment we offer @beauty2.0aesthetics and can change our patients lives For more information regarding these treatments or to book a complimentary consult and/or treatment, contact the clinic today! ❤️💉 #doctor #injections #injectables #medical #cosmetics #aesthetic #treatment #botox #beletero #merz #allergan #dermalfillers #fillers #antiaging #young #youthful #skin #skincare #healthy #beautiful #beauty #portmoody #vancouver #bc #canada #followme

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Comment from Dr. Faraj Edher:

Great discussion with Dr. Ron Zokol and Stirling Faux at @cknw980

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