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Summer festive time in our beautiful rainbow nation! Isn't it just beautiful how in life you can never stop making new friends! Some fun after a fire dancing gig at the Valley of the Waves, Sun City. #suncity #rainbow #firedancer

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I am safe - celestite cluster heart. Listed in the shop 🌱 - Link in bio. Husband and I will do the mineral unboxing live now 😊 . . . Finally! So, so thrilled to list this beautiful (60-70mm) celestite cluster heart. I've had it for over a month, but it's been in Denmark up until now. She's such a beauty! Celestite purifies the aura of humans as well as other beings.  This can be helpful for anything ranging from day to day living, to supporting healing, to enhancing relationships and more. Celestite brings a number of positive energies to the emotional realm. It can lend its essence to reduce and eliminate worry, fear and anxiety and bring hope. It is also an excellent tool for emotional protection. In these ways it decreases negativity and negative energy in one's emotional body and life. #crystals #crystalshop #chakra #chakrastones #gemstones #crystalhealing #peaceandlove #spiritual #rainbow #spiritual #zodiac #etsyseller #christmasgifts #universelove #magic #magick #spiritualawakening #loveandlight #celestite

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