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Nearly forty #plants with the #mint family are technically classified as lavender, although the most common form is Lavandula angustifolia, on which the color “lavender” is based. This genus is found in Europe, Africa, the Mediterranean, and parts of Asia. The antioxidant components of #lavender can impact the endocrine system of the body to lower the levels of stress hormones in the #body. If you regularly struggle with insomnia, apnea or restless sleep patterns, by brewing a few lavender flowers in hot #water, you can steep a wonderful tea that has been used to induce sleep and #relaxation for thousands of years. This is closely linked to the flower’s impact on the nervous system, and can also help to clear your #mind of negative thoughts. It is commonly combined with meditation techniques, either in essential oil or in the form of #aromatherapy.

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🦄Unicorn Shower Steamers🦄On the drying rack - restock - Etsy Store - Link in bio. 🎨HandPainted🎨 . . These lovelies are going out to a client tomorrow. Scented in Peppermint Sugar Cookie. . Shower Steamers are a great way to add an aromatherapeutic experience to your shower. This little precious looks dainty- but is potent. . The top part of this shower steamer is a whipped soap that can be used to cleanse the body. Use it with a shower sponge for a luxurious lather. The whipped soap is scented in the same blend as the steamer. . . . Made with a blend of Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils & Mentholated Crystals. . . You may scent this product in a blend of your choice from the following fragrance categories that compliments the peppermint and menthol blend in the product. . . . 💫Bakery/Sweet 💫Beach/Ocean 💫Earthy/Woods/Spices 💫Fruits, Citrus & Berries 💫Florals 💫Herbal Blends 💫Coconut/Island blends 💫Lavender Blends 💫Spa & Fresh/Clean Blends 💫Greens . . Perfect for days when you need a burst of energy, need to feel refreshed, congested or simply to help relax you. Taking a shower has never been so fun! . . A wonderful way to start or end your day. Turn an ordinary shower into a spa experience. Showertheraphy at its best. . lapothicaire_plush #relaxation #aromatherapy #therapeutic #metime #loveyourself #treatyoself #lushie #wakeup #unicornlove #artisan #lushie #livewell #etsy #etsyshop #showersteamers #giftideas #metime #bathandbody #magical #fantasy #fantasia #relax #unicorns #unicorn #art #artsy #handpainted #pursuepretty #prettythings #fun #livewell

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🖐P A U S E✋In this moment, before the spin of the holiday season really revs up, make a commitment to yourself. On a Sunday night in December, instead of “shoulding” on yourself about all the other things that need to be done, take time out for you. Recharge your batteries, fill your cup and chill out with an interactive, self-care experience. Learn how the relaxation response works, practice it for yourself and take it all with you. Tell your friends, sign up and show up. See you there @barresoul Melrose! #guidingyoutoflourish

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