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Copaiba Balancing Face Mist This has quickly become one of my favorite parts of my nightly face routine. Quick, easy, and oh-so-simple to DIY. I have kinda crazy cheeks and nose are pretty oily, but my forehead area and jawline are more prone to dryness. This facial mist includes essential oils I hand selected that moisturize the skin but without any pore-clogging properties! It helps my skin feel refreshed and cool. All you need is: A miniature spray bottle (I found mine in the travel section at Walmart) Distilled water 10 drops Young Living Copaiba essential oil 5 drops Young Living Eucalyptus Globulus essential oil 5 drops Young Living Rosemary essential oil 5 drops Young Living Patchouli essential oil Combine oils in spray bottle and top with distilled water. Mist on face after Cleansing and toning. Why this works: Copaiba has astringent properties which helps tighten the skin and prevent wrinkles from forming. Rosemary has natural antiseptic properties which cleans skin and helps to disinfect the skin at the cellular level. Eucalyptus Globulus uplifting aroma helps to refresh the skin and ease inflammation. Patchouli protects the skin from infection and has anti-aging properties.

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💁Natures got a little secret, #Rosemary. Benefits Hair Growth. When applied over the scalp rosemary essential oil helps stimulate hair growth. Many people also claim that it can prevent baldness, slows graying, and can be used to treat dandruff and dry scalp. 💁The stimulating effect of rosemary works wonders when combined with the nourishing olive oil. The advantage of using this combination is that it leaves your hair smooth, silky and manageable. 💁Here’s a quick at home remedy for a rosemary oil treatment, Take 3 tablespoons of olive oil and five drops of rosemary oil in a bowl. Mix them well. Quickly heat up in the microwave. Once the oil warms up, apply it on the scalp. Wrap a towel around you heat for maximum effect. Then after 20 to 30 minutes, wash after using #OneByWankaya Repeat this treatment once a week regularly to witness a real difference of silky, tamed tresses. Log on to to grab your cleansing system. #healthyhairjourney #naturalhaircare #naturalista #LoveYourHair #locallymade #SmallBusiness #protectivestyles #Haircare #NaturalHairDaily #AtlantaBloggers #Rosemary #TeaTreeoil #coconutoil #deepcondition #myhairjourney #HairTrends #newproduct

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She calls herself, "Kitchen Medicine." #rosemary

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Rosemary hydrosol, Scorpio new moon distillation. To purify the air, activate head, heart and stomach. A supreme herb for elders and wisdom keepers. To aid the collective memory and knit the stories together. Also made oxymel and oil extracts. To cleanse liver, move blood, ease digestion, calm nerves and dispel dampness. Her magic is truly endless.

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Roasted eggplant with rosemary and thyme.

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Exam prep time📝 Luckily I have rosemary essential oil to help me out. Rosemary is a fantastic study 📚tool because it can help reduce nervous tension 😬 and occasional fatigue 😴 AND stimulate memory and maintain concentration 👩🏻‍💻 4 drops 💧of this baby in the diffuser and I’m all set 😌

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【 Which do you want to try? 】 #diem のトゥースペースト&ジェルは泡立ちが少なく、液だれを抑えつつ泡に邪魔されないしっかりとしたブラッシングを助けます。 ⠀⠀ ✔︎ Paste⠀⠀ ホワイトニングに特化。汚れを吸着させる成分を高濃度配合し、削らすに自然な美しい歯に。 コーヒーやタバコを吸われる方にもオススメ。 ⠀⠀ ✔︎ Gel⠀⠀ 口臭ケアに特化。口内の潤いを長時間保ち、乾燥による口臭を防ぎます。 インプラントや電動歯ブラシの方にもオススメ。 ⠀⠀ #明日は連休明け⠀⠀ #diemは香りにもこだわりが⠀⠀ #癒しの香りで気持ちいいスタートを⠀⠀ #rosemary #mandarinorange #grapefruit #mint #ディエム #ボタニカルマウスウォッシュ #designofliving @and_habit @diem_official

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