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Chapter Three {Your pov} - *skip till after school* - I was walking to my locker but I bumped into someone and fell. ?: I'm sorry I looked up and saw Jacob. - Jacob: y/n... He held out his hand and I took it. You: thanks Jacob: uh no problem. *you guys stare at each other* You: I should go *he grabs your hands* Jacob: wait You: I really need to go Jacob: can we please talk. You: about what. Jacob: about us You: Jacob there is no 'us' Jacob: y/n I know I screwed up. But I miss you...alot...this is the first time we've talked in months. Everyday since we broke up my life has been shit. I miss you- You: well I don't. You did this to yourself Jacob. I'm with someone else now. I've moved on. - I walked away holding in my tears. I do miss him. Maybe I haven't moved on. - 70 comments for more? 💓 {Tags} @jacobsartorius @jacobsartourius @feedmezach @tonytalz @mattmckinney87 #jacobfanfiction #jacobsartorius #jacobsartoriusfanfic #jacobfanfic #jacobsartoriusfanfiction #sartoriusfanfic #sartoriuslovers #sartoriussquad #sartoriusjacob #sartoriusfam #jacobfandom #jacobsartoriusedits #jacobmybae #jacobedits #sartorian #sartoriusedits

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