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Comment from DADDY JACUM💦👅:

.....she started sucking it ugh I love this girl after a while I cummed in her mouth and she swallowed it,I put my boxers and pants on and sit beside her End of the POV Y/n:ur so weird Jacob:I know haha Y/n:do u have pineapple Jacob:ya it’s in the frigid Y/n:ok *gets pineapple and starts eating* Jacob:wow *smirks* Y/n:they are sweet *laughs and finishes😂 and sits beside Jacob* Jacob:guess what Y/n:what Jacob:I ordered unicorn for us (💀) Y/n:what! Jacob:a unicorn,look it’s outside Y/n:*looks outside* Jacob:just kidding *laughs* Y/n:not funny Jacob:........ Y/n POV I look at Jacob and whaaaat he’s staring at another girl wtf,I tap his shoulder and he didn’t look at me so I gave him a light push annnnnd he yelled at me Jacob:............ —�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�- What did Jacob say!? Lol my chapters are getting shit I am trying to make it better tho😂 COMMENT “more” FOR MORE OR I WILL SEND DANIELLE COHN TO UR HOUSE😂lol anyways gn💗 #jacobsartorius #jacobsartoriusfanfic #jacobfanfic #jacobsessed #sartoriusfam #sartoriussquad #sartorius #rolfnation #fanfiction #fanfic #chapter #markthomas #zachclayton #babyariel #blakegray #lorengray #haydensummerall #martineztwins #comment @jacobsartorius

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Comment from sammy🍒 & Lil Pump:

He stole mine too

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Comment from sammy🍒 & Lil Pump:

Id cry 😭😭😭

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Comment from 💍J.S💍🥀:

Whoever it was... guys this is not funny!! He’s 15!! He’s trying to make 10 Million people laugh everyday, he tours around the world, he works really hard!! And you’re giving this to him? Really? A fucking bra?!?? I mean how much dumbness can u have to even throw a bra to him? I’m sure he was really disappointed and disgusted!! You’re only making things worse, do think he will be happy about this? What if he stops making music? What if he stops touring? Like guys please stop, if you’re really fans.. then show love to him. He’s only 15 his life is hard.. he does this just for us. This already the second time, a mentally and physically broken person throwing a bra towards the stage!! Let him be!! After all he’s doing this for us!! Show love, show that you care about him! Where’s humanity? #showhumanity #showlove #jacobsessed #jacobsartorius #sadlife #bruh #sartoriusarmy #sartoriusfam #sartoriussquad #sartoriuslovers #disgusting #dissapointing @jacobsartorius @jacobsartorius @jacobsartorius @jacobsartorius @jacobsartorius @jacobsartorius @jacobsartorius @jacobsartorius @jacobsartorius @jacobsartorius @jacobsartorius @jacobsartorius @jacobsartorius @jacobsartorius @jacobsartorius @jacobsartorius @jacobsartorius @jacobsartorius @jacobsartorius

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Comment from sammy🍒 & Lil Pump:

: ☆ F A N F I C ☆ JACOB X LIL PUMP —————————————— [LIL PUMPS POV] I inhale my 20 pound blunt and exhale the smoke. “Esketiiiiiit...” I say half sober. I look to the other side of my tour bus. A tall, muscular and hot boy. Jacob Sartorius. His smile could light up the darkest of Minecraft caverns and his jawline so sharp it could kill a creeper. I was in love with every quality of him. “Hey, lil pump.” I hear from across the room. “Yeah, Jacob?” I reply. “Pass me the blunt, bro.” He says, slicking his hair back. I pass the blunt to him and he takes it. I observe him through the clouds of smoke, watching him take a puff. “Brooo. This shit lit.” He exclaims. “ESKETIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT.” We both say in unison. It was a real bonding moment for us. ——————————— * * * ——————————— Soon enough, we’re both high as an ender dragon. Unable to really control my actions, I get close to Jacob. “Hey Jacob...” I say. “Yeah lil pu-“ before he could finish I place my soft lips onto his. Releasing from it I look into his shit stained eyes. “I-I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done tha-“ Jacob’s lips press onto mine and we start making out. ——————————— * * * ——————————— The next day I wake up in his bed half naked. Did we fuck? I look over the other side of the bed to see Jacob. He’s curled up looking cute as ever in his Minecraft undies. I kiss his forehead and go back to sleep, dreaming about Jacob.

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Comment from vicky🍒//met him:

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Comment from sammy🍒 & Lil Pump:

: FAN FIC JACOB X READER —————————————— It was Friday and school was about to end. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH KILL MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the school bell rang. We all ran out of the classroom. “Hey, wait!” Spoke a voice. I turned around to see him. His beautiful elf ears and spiked up hair. Could it be, Jacob Sartorius? “O-oh h-hi Jacob!!” Is stutter due to my social anxiety that I figured out I had due to a Buzzfeed quiz. “H-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-how are you?” Looking down at my feet and fidgeting with my fidget spinner. His long slender chicken fingers flow through his hair. I watch in awe for he is like Jesus. “I was wondering if you wanted to come over to my house. We can play Minecraft, do, you know.” He said in the most charming voice. “Oh, Jacob, that would be lovely. You know girls just love gamer guys.” I giggle. “Haha so it’s a date?” He speaks. I’m in shock. A date? The last time I ever had a date was with Logan Paul and he took me to eat tide pods but I told him that was so last week ago and he slapped me. I was nervous at the though of a date, but something about Jacob’s Minecraft T-shirt made me feel alright. “Ya, sure! A date.” * * * We’re now in Jacob’s room and I notice his Roblox bed covers. “You play Roblox?” I ask. “Yeah. I had like 20 girlfriends on there but turns out they were all either 50 year old guys or thots.” He says in a disappointing tone. I touch his hand and look him in the eyes. “I... I can be your girlfriend.” I speak nervously. He stares at me in shock. Why did I say that? Oh no, my aids are kicking in. I realized I had aids from another Buzzfeed quiz. I started shaking and making weird noises, yet it came to a stop. “Sorry, the aids.” I said. Jacob looks even more surprised. What if I scared him? “That was hot...” he says finally. “W-what?” In shock I speak. He blushes and comes close. “I want you to be my girlfriend.” He whispers. I gasp and he silents it with a kiss. I will never forget this moment.

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