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Monday is always fun day, so if you think otherwise I do not agree with you 😜 and I have pictures to prove Monday a fun day : To a new mum you have all of my encouragement and support especially at this time and moment where you have someone relying on you for 100% of their nutrition, Development and growth is solely on the mother. And if you think that sleep doesn't exist after birthing, trust me, once you click the link in bio, my step-by-step guide will get You sleeping better at night and when You want and YOUR baby will nap better and sleep through the night with ease! And You won't go to work feeling drained on a MONDAY morning. Kindly share or tag a MAMA that is your colleague at work. Show Love to a Mama this Christmas.

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Comment from Women Radio WFM 91. 7:

7 days to Christmas! "weCare" will spend 2day Mon 18 Dec with Modupe Cole for disabled children in Yaba, Lagos & Heart of Gold orgphanage in Surulere, Lagos. Thank you to each donor for making this possible. "weCare" feeds 1000 less privileged Nigerians with jollof rice, drinks & gift out hampers from Mon18 – Fri 22 Dec "weCare” is an initiative of Maami @iammaami & Wfm 91.7 Women Radio #wecare #donate #give #showlove #support #helptheneedy #lagos #helpafamily #food #drink # #family #christmas2017 #christmas #december #santa #hampers #wfm917 #

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Comment from Opeoluwa Bamiro:

You really shouldn't say 'I love you' unless you mean it. But if you mean it, you should say it a lot. People forget sometimes. Let's try it this season.....notice I said "let's" (meaning me too) lol. Showing acts of kindness takes genuine love that transcends our emotions. Okay enough mushy stuff, raise your glasses to "love". Say it, its just three words that can change a lot of things.......... #iloveyou #lovequotes #sayiloveyou #lovesomeoneandmeanit #aseasonoflove #december #showlove

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Comment from The Resilient Mum:

Happy Monday Mamas! When you love what you have, you have everything that you need..🌸 #theresilientmum

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Comment from Naiswan:

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As 2017 comes to an end, everyone starts reflecting on how the past year went for them. Some highs that forever become etched in our memories in the forms of photos, degrees & people. Followed by the lows, the moments we are thankful are over and hope not to face ever again. I believe that it’s in the lows that we are reminded of life’s biggest blessing- LO♥️E. In the most difficult times, it’s our loved ones that make them bearable and give us the courage & strength we need to fight anything that comes our way. Think back to the toughest situations of your life & the faces, the voices and the hands that were there to help make it easier. No matter the race, colour, gender, education, class, status, bank balance (so on & so forth) of these people...they stood by you through the heaviest of rain pours. Because all this baseless prioritization & judgement lost its meaning when the simple importance of love was realized. Like they say- family isn’t always blood but it’s also true that love isn’t always romantic. It’s also in the care, respect & affection people express to you when you need it most. Living in a world that revolves around materialism, money and social media- it’s in life’s lows that we are reminded- love is capable of overpowering it all. The unconditional & priceless love that you don’t give enough credit to or take for granted. So if you choose to reflect on anything this year, make it love 💝 #ThoughtOfTheDay #ThoughtOfTheNight #LateNightThoughts #LoveAlwaysWins #SpreadLove #BelieveInLove #LessonOfTheDay #BePositive #SpreadPositivity #PositiveThoughts #Love #HappyHolidays #NewYearResolution #Reflect2017 #TOTD #TOTN #ShowLove #LoveConquersAll #BeThankful #BeGrateful #GratefulForLove

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My bf gotta stay on my page☺️💛 #showlove

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Comment from Stephanie Carver:

Forgiveness granted! Access denied! I will never again, let anyone make me feel bad for not accepting thier disrespect anymore. I lived it, saw it with my own eyes, heard it with my own ears. I respect myself enough to let Galatians 5:1 manifest in my life. #Forgive #ShowLove #KeepItMoving #StayingFree

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Expect & anticipate early morning hit.... #Chuku CHUKU. produced&Mastered by 1of abj dopest #Blurtklatproducer ft. Abj finest artist Benjizu. true confession. #A.M.G studio .M.G Boiz it time... #showlove #support R.B.C

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