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• Life has been incredibly full as of late. I'm grateful and exhausted. On Thursday night I leave for a 35-day self-led silent retreat at IMS' Forest Refuge. Starting yesterday a beautiful sense of calm set in. My system starting to wind down from the excitement and challenges of the last few years. My intentions for the retreat are to explore my relationship with trust and clarity and to rest, rest, rest. It's hard to leave my beautiful life but these periods of silence and introspection are a big part of why my life is so beautiful. Even if you're not headed out on a long retreat there are ways to bring this sense of inner exploration and rest into your life. Meditate. Get into nature. Play with children. Take naps. Sing. Look into your lovers eyes when you are having sex. Keep a journal. Read real books. Oh and did I mention, MEDITATE. My Sunday class will continue while I'm away as will all the other Eastside Mindfulness Collective offerings - including our NYE gathering. You can chose to create your own retreat over the holidays by simply being present for yourself and others in community. Glad to be on the journey with you. I see you and I love you. • • • • #bookstagram #bookshelf #meditation #mindfulness #awakening #wildawakening #goodsex #gettingoffwithoutcheckingout #author #teacher #silence #silentmeditationretreat #insightmeditationsociety #theforestrefuge #selflove #selfcare #trust #clarity #rest #fulllife #align #donthustlealign

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