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Comment from Sara Hendizadeh:

Before and after on my client. Swipe left 👈🏼

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Comment from Herb Club:

Our #Christmas offer is still on - right up until Eve! P.S. You don't need to add your Travel Set to your basket - we'll do that for you. Just don't forget to comment or message us once you've ordered!

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Comment from Bella Wigs:

Chanukah Bella Wig giveaway time! Want to win a new @bellawigs in any color we have in stock from 8" to 18" long? We appreciate all our amazing customers out there and want to give back to all you @bellawigs wearers. To enter this contest you need to complete the following steps; 1. Follow @bellawigs 2.Tag 5 friends (if you enter more than once, tag different friends each time) 3.Like this post. 4.Repost this pic on your instagram page ***5. Optional; if you want an extra 15 entries in our contest, Private message us a selfie with you wearing your @bellawigs and name your stylist . BE AWARE THAT PICTURES YOU SUBMIT MAY BE POSTED ON OUR INSTAGRAM PAGE. IF YOU DONT WANT YOUR PICTURE POSTED, PLEASE DON'T SEND IT. Blurred faces will not be reposted. Take a back picture of your wig with a beautiful background If you don't want to show your face. (Only the pictures that we repost will receive an extra 15 entries to win, so keep in mind that we may not post your picture. Picture quality, wig style and background play a role in picture selection.) We will be choosing a winner by RAFFEL on December 20, 2017 (last day of Chanukah). #bella #bellawig # #fleek #onfleek #cutandstyle #wig #wigstyle #hair #hairstyle #wavyhair #curlyhair #updo #weddinghair #haironfleek #wigstylist #wigcompany #shaitel #hairtrend #hairdesign #jewishhair #designerhair #hairstyles #hairtrend #eveninghair #hairbangs #sleekhair #fullhair #naturalhair #contest #wigcontest

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