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From a hectic week to a quiet weekend. My weekends in Southampton normally mean quiet and more job hunting with Netflix for company. Yet today I got the pleasure to meet up with a friend after she’d had a new tattoo where we met for coffee (in my case iced tea) in miserable weather with a rushed face. . . Unfortunately for coffee places they can never get my name right, but they can’t help the fact I have a name that don’t belong on stationary. . . Saw some pidgins eating food and luckily I wasn’t far from food myself...I got peckish just watching them happy. . . Then I had a late lunch, did some more job hunting and had my friend Netflix to keep me company with End of The World and friends. . . #weekends #coffee #icedtea #starbucks #wrongnames #friends #saturday #pidgins #netflix #internship #uk

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There are so many things wrong with this world and with some people in it but sometimes I think about how fortunate I am to be born in a time in which I can just hob on train and go somewhere else. We have the chance to not just be a person from only one country but be part if the whole world. So stop trying to put borders and categorize every person. It is the time to understand each other better and learn from every culture, every country, every human being! Don't just identify yourself with where you are from but be a global citizen who supports goodness, openness and fairness on this world. Be free and let others be free. #globalcitizen #freedom #strongertogether #travelling #openness #noborders #instathoughts #wearehuman #learnfromothers #forabetterfuture #coffeetogo #starbucks #trainjourney #travellingintheUK #trainride #worldisopen #LondonIsOpen #London

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