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Comment from Jean Russet👾:

My heart was damaged on the journey. Neglected to mark the boxes fragile. It was bruised while moving cross country. Pain worsening at every mile. The rejection was the weapon. Your cold hands shut it down. I opened the boxes for you. Opened all the cartons for you. Breaking the seals and out towards you was where all of the contents flew. Opening them one after the other. Each one becoming harder to do. Each cut unpacking a new wound. I hid everything inside, and I forgot why. Gambled with trust letting you see another side. Your poker face was on while I shed mine. Soon I recalled why you should never let them see you cry. But I forgot the rule for you. I opened them because I wanted to. My journey was long and arduous. Getting to you was the hardest. I listened while you were talking. Hadn’t been that happy in the longest. You were amused by the control and the power. Just entertainment for you. Just something to pass the hour. Soon as I realized, I packed up and journeyed onward. I don’t know yet where I’m going, but I can feel my heart healing. #art #artbasel #miami #photography #streetphotography #streetart #graffiti #poetry #writersofinstagram #writer

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