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Comment from Mark:

The word of the day: This is normally a negative word. But it depends on how you see it. If you have a weakness, that should motivate you to improve it or even make it a strength. It all depends if you want to put in the work or throw in the towel. #strength #greatnesslieswithin

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Comment from Płonące Racice:

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Comment from Tom Beall:

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My card in Tarot✨👁🖤🔮🌜I am the light and the dark, the veil between worlds, the void of existence, the eternal breath of life✨ I am the mysteries of the night, the celestial glow of the moonlight🌚

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Comment from Aaron Flynn:

Stop studying and walk me!

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Comment from Bruce Press:

Young actors come into the studio having never had headshots taken and its a wonderful process learning to work together to create great images. This was the experience with Soowon who is in the process of applying to acting programs in college.

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Been away from the housemates for a few days with work and still managed to squeeze a hotel workout in! It’s a low impact HIIT by @thebodycoach so I didn’t annoy my neighbours but still felt like I got a proper workout 👍🏻🏋🏻‍♀️💪🏻 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off. 2-3 rounds (I did 3 so I could enjoy that buffet breakfast!) 🔹 Walk-outs to 2 press-ups and then 2 squats 🔹2 reverse lunges into 2 squats 🔹 Slow mountain climbers (knees to elbows!) 🔹Toe taps 🔹Squat walk to slow burpee 🔹High plank twists 🔹Crunches 🔹Cobra to Downward Dog press up #housemateswithweights

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