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This smile happens every morning after my workout. No matter how hard, how tired, or how run down I feel that smile appears. That reason is because I know I’m starting my day out right, I’m doing something great for me and in turn that greatness spreads out into my day. That happiness goes into my children, and they spread it into their day. The positive energy from that one workout becomes the foundation for my day. So build that base, and start your morning with a smile. #motivation #happiness #spreadthelove #loveyourself #strong #fitmom #strength #fitnessmotivation #getup #photooftheday #instagood #tattooed #bootyday #lulu #underarmour

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Felt STRONG yesterday while training chest. So strong that after completely finishing training I grabbed the 100’s and thought I would entertain myself. That third rep was a grinder but I’m happy I didn’t give up on it. My chest is wrecked & I’m back on the east coast! 💯🤘🏼———————————————————————————————————————— @warriorfuel_supps @warriorfuelhunt @ryan_warriorfuel

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Delicious lunch today @moletacobar with my 1 ♥️ If you're in the area check out this amazing place providing fresh delicious flavours and a warm, welcoming and friendly service. Win Win 🏆🏆

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Trying something different and like testing out new things as part of my mobilising routine🕺🏽 adding in some movement/animal flows🦁🙈🐰 inspired by @primal.swoledier . . Not only do these movements help your breakdancing skills 💃🏽but they also get your heart rate going ♥️⬆️and getting the shoulders working from a few different angles 📐📏as well as challenging your shoulder stability and strength 💪🏽through ranges of motion you may not normally be going through! 🏆 . . . #animalflow #movement #mobilising #strength #shoulders #fitfam #fitness #trysomethingnew #challenge #bodyweight #calisthenics #inspiration #motivation #personaltrainer #london #uk

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Happy St. Paddy’s Day! Do you have your green on?! ✨🍀

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I gotchu! 😂😂proud to have your back. Congrats on winning the top female in the deadlift comp without even going full throttle. @lulifts #powerlift

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Protect your peace. ⚔️🌸 📸Shot by Karina Pareglio Photography

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Really though ❤️ Just ask anyone who I guarded in basketball (new friends-sorry coaches) 🏀😅

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