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T O D A Y • I am sick. I hate being sick. Im the worst patient. I’m practicing the art of embracing slowing down and REST....and lucky for me I’ve got @em_bee182 the best mama bear in the west to make me chicken and this little pooch to lick my face. Which I’m sure helped.... rest rest rest x

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Good morning beautiful

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Number 4 of #myyearin12. A photogrpaher who I look up to a lot was once asked what they do for living. I expected a pretty obvious answer, but he said, “I chase light for a living” and it’s stuck with me since. As I sat on the back of the boat heading out into the ocean for another day of fishing for big bull reds, I watched this sunrise and thought of him. Light is everything when it comes to truly impactful photos. The most seemingly uninteresting subjects, like a boat motor, all the sudden become the focal point of a fascinating back drop. I may never get a more beautiful sunrise than this, but I’ll keep searching for it with a camera in hand just like my friend does.

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