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(YOUR POV) I got back to my room, plopped down on my bed and sighed. I couldn't believe what just happened. It was Jacob and I's first kiss, even though we had been together for five months, and i couldn't believe that i was the one to kiss him first! I had always thought he would be the one to make the first move but i guess not. I replayed the whole night in my head before finally getting up and getting ready for bed. (END POV) *You take off your makeup, get a shower, and get into your pjs, then go over and lay in your bed. You decide that you couldn't just keep this to yourself so you invited Luna, who is also on tour with you and Jacob, over so you could tell her what happened.* L: *Knokes on door then opens it and sits on your bed with you* Whats up? B: I have something to tell you! L: What happened?😂 B: so. . . Jacob took me out on a date. L: Awh really? Where? B: We went to dinner and a movie. L: Awwwh! Ya'll are s'cute! B: But that's not all! L: Okay, tell me more! B: Well he gave me this! *You hold up your hand to show Luna the ring* L: No frickin way. . . Omg I'm literally so jealous. . . B: Hahaha. But when we where walking here. . . He told me he loved me. . . And i said it back. . . And i kissed him. . . L: Are you kidding?? You go girl! B: I don't know what came over me, but I just did it. . . And it was amazing.😂😍 L: How long was it??😂 B: Pretty long, i gotta say!😂 L: Omg you're so funny.😂 Is he a good kisser?! B: Omg yes! He was like,, really good!😂 L: Omg, Brenna, sounds like you had a pretty fun night.😂 B: *You blush* Yeah. . . L: Well, it's late, and we have a show tomorrow so we, both should get some sleep, see you tomorrow. B: Okay, goodnight. *Luna leaves**You take one last look at the ring on your finger, smile and then go to sleep, even though it was a restless night, since you were dreaming of Jacob all through it.* • • This was originally going to be two chapters but they where both really short so i just put them together lol.😂 I hope ya'll had/have a great day!💜

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*When you got back to the hotel, you gave Jacob a warm hug before going your separate ways into you different hotel rooms.* (JACOB POV) When i got back to the hotel i couldn't stop smiling. I feel like I'm on top of the world whenever I'm with Brenna, and i never want the feeling to end. I turned on some music and changed into my pjs before Tony came in and asked about my night. (END POV) T: so. . . How was it?😂 J: How was what? T: Your date! Did you kiss her?? J: What the hell tony? Grow up!😂 T: It was just a question dude! J: Whatever bro.😂 It was fun. T: Did you give her the ring? J: Why do you care so much??😂 T: Again, just a question! J: Omg.😂 • • Kinda a short one bc I'm sick. I'm gonna try to post more than once tomorrow and hopefully write some new chapters!😊

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