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Comment from Shay U’Pay:

Am I that ugly !?

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Comment from 👌Finn:

Down below is going to be a list. If you like/identify/are interested in one or multiple of the listed things, I need you to show us your support and/or give us your opinion. You say GAY I say @thebloomparadox You say FUNNY I say @thebloomparadox You say WEIRD I say @thebloomparadox You say QUEER I say @thebloomparadox You say 420 I say @thebloomparadox You say POETRY I say @thebloomparadox You say FOOD I say @thebloomparadox You say DANCE I say @thebloomparadox You say WORKOUT I say @thebloomparadox You say ALIENS I say @thebloomparadox You say ART I say @thebloomparadox You say TATTOOS I say @thebloomparadox You say “I’m going to ignore this post” or “I’ll do it later” or “I’m better than that”, I say you’re probably going to keep scrolling for another half hour and miss the opportunity to have a good laugh, be inspired or at least support some other folks project, which is dumb. You say dumb, no I said dumb, but I say @thebloomparadox And I say thank you. . . . . . . . #trans #queer #gay #tattoos #youtube #videos #transgender #ftm #nonbinary #testosterone #transandinked #rainbow #lgbt #lgbtq #supportqueerartists #aliens #hrt #workout #transman #transvisibility

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Comment from LGBTQ+ Lettuces:

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Comment from A?non?ymous Man:

Idc I wanted to be on the fire nation so bad don’t me cuz they “villains”

5 Minutes ago