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When I say I know you, I mean I knew you yesterday. I do not know you actually now. All I know is my image of you. That image is put together by what you have said in praise of me or to insult me, what you have done to me. It is put together by all the memories I have of you - and your image of me is put together in the same way, and it is those images which have relationship and which prevent us from really communing with each other. . . . #mentalhealth #psychology #society #relationship #philosophy #education #spirituality #mindfulness #inspirationalquotes #motivationalquotes #quotes #hustle #quotesaboutlife #lifequotes #reality #imagequotes #toloveistolive #selfreflection #meditation #mindfullness #spiritualawakening #spiritualjourney #consciousness #enlightenment #tuesdaythoughts #tuesdaymotivation

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Champagne, this view & our #suitelife robe is the perfect combination for any day of the week! 🥂📷 @cassersemis

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Only you... (and the fact that the holidays are coming)!⠀🎅🤶 .⠀ Connected Beauty is Murad's unique philosophy to allow you to feel better, look better and be healthier. Each and every cell in your body is connected so treat them all well.⠀ .⠀ #connectedbeauty #murad #muradskincareaus

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Comment from Emma Cabrera:

Before the smell of my birthday ends, I just want to post my favorite pic during my birthday at the very first live Feast Dagupan. I am far from perfect but I want to strive to be better. I am not the best wife nor mother but all I want is for my family to be healthy and happy. I am not pure but God had redeemed me and loved me. Perhaps my priorities have changed but I feel it's the same me - To laugh my heart out, to dance with my crazy feet and to sing with my out of tune voice and to love wholeheartedly like there's no tomorrow. Let this be an abundant beginning of my middle adulthood inhaling what matters most and living life to the fullest. ❤ #birthday #tuesdaymotivation #thankyouLord #thefeast #thefeastdagupan #positivevibes #33rdbirthday

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I've been reading and seeing so many detox cleanses latterly because of those future 'Christmas feasts’, that I felt the need to post something about it. ⚠️ yup, there’s an angry rant going down! Because what annoys me more than anything is when someone is NOT PROPERLY INFORMED and because they desperately want to be like that that famous #fitspo girl with shredded abs that drinks that magical smoothie and uses that awesome supplement from 'the best brand of all time'. And they will do and buy anything that will 'fix them'. - Really? Are people that... irrational?! 🙄 No, I'm not saying 'stupid' because everyone has the right to lack the correct information and think in a certain way #knowledgeispower but after reading this (if you actually spend time reading what I write and make an effort to educate yourself and not just spend your time double tapping all the foodporn to get more likes yourself - 🙄 seriously I don't understand sometimes why people are so narrow minded and only feel happy with themselves by having that amount of likes, that amount of followers, that amount of views (🙄 yes, another yellow bald fellow of these was needed 😂). Is this a competition? Of what?! DON'T FREAKIN' CARE about others' approval - something I’m also working on ❤️). - So ANYWAY, as I was saying, after my small smaaaaaall parenthesis, NO ONE WILL HAVE AN EXCUSE for falling for those detoxes out there. What are you aiming for drinking that juice that will 'flush your system of impurities'? Do you think that your organs will be spotless and cristal clean? 👌👎 Do you think that all-mighty-power smoothie (that's supposed to be perfect antidote for your unhealthy lifestyle but actually tastes worst than 💩) can just wash away your calorific sins? - Please don't be offended. I'm not saying that you are falling for something so obvious and have been sold by charlatans, obviously not 🙅‍♀️ I'm telling you to BE INFORMED! Be DETOXED of those DETOXES! 👊 - Also, posting this picture because 1-what I ate yesterday isn’t at all the definition of health 😳😂 and 2-green peppermint leaves equals super duper healthy ✌️😂 - Happy day/night/afternoon 🌎 #tuesdaymotivation #flexbowl #porridge #breakfast

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I love these pretty pink flowers I purchased from @fowlersflowers Flowers are a really lovely way to enhance your tea drinking experience, adding colour and life to your home space. 🌸🌸🌸

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