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Comment from Vinny Gough Training:

👀👀5 month transformation - Of mind and body. - 👁Funny how people think you’ve no life cause you train a lot!! I’d no Life when I didn’t train! Training gave me back my life!!! - Pic on the left I didn’t even look like I trained! That’s because I didn’t for the majority of last year. I used to actually dread going into the gym and training! How weird is that!!👀 - My diet was deliveroo for breaky and lunch or a chicken fillet Baggot, is normally have a pizza or Eddie rockets for dinner, with ice cream and chocolate bars to follow. - I never ever did any cardio or actually ate any good protein or veg! In turn, I lost interest in everything I used to enjoy like work, hanging out with friends, being in the general public! - No I’m in a gym I really like with a great vibe and loving my training! Always prep my meals. Have only 2 cheat meals a week. Lots of veg and vitamins. Adore my job and keeping busy.

59 Seconds ago

Comment from Marcello Zilioli:

“I gesti del nuoto sono i più simili al volo. Il mare dà alle braccia quello che l’aria offre alle ali.”

4 Days ago

Comment from Marcello Zilioli:

“Ogni furia passa, ogni maltempo finisce”

5 Days ago