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Getting familiar with the local lingo does help. So here are a few words which could be well worth getting familiar with, to get by your stay at #Visalam #MeAndCGHEarth #vanakkam Book at

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So you know how my photos are usually a little understated? Not when mums in town! 😍 I must add that photography DEFINITELY doesn’t run in the family and had the camera not been fixed on a tripod, it would have looked very different 😂 #sorryamma #truth #iloveyoureally 🤗 SO behind the scenes of me are usually not quite as energetic as this because most are taken on self timer 📷 YES self timer (solo traveller 🙋🏻‍♀️) I don’t even want to try and explain the level of effort required when I’m in a pool 🤦🏻‍♀️ #dontevenask • On the subject of one women bands 🥁 I plan to start mentoring individual/small groups of young women in and around Colombo- especially those who dream of ambition yet struggle in finding support systems of their own and could do with a motivational boost ✨💪🏻 Despite social media being the land of curated perfection (honestly, the days I’m feeling a little bit insecure even I have to stay off 😱) I also believe it’s an AMAZING platform to spread goodness in the world which was always the reason for launching #styleinsrilanka 🇱🇰 • Having faced my own fair share of anxiety, insecurity, inability to see my own worth etc (I ain’t going to lie, the list goes on and on) in my own 27 years on this beautiful planet, I really want to use what I’ve learnt from overcoming each struggle to inspire and empower others. If I’m honest, I’ve had a few personal issues this year which have been pretty tough (especially as my own family live in England, not SL 🇬🇧 ) but for what it’s worth, what kept me going was knowing that my experience could be a gift to help others in the future. This month I am literally BURSTING with gratitude because I have 9 PAGES in National Geographic Traveller Magazine- a dream come true having worked my butt off for the past 7 years since graduating 😅 • SO if this sounds like something you would like to be part of, please DM or email and simply tell me what mentoring would mean to you 🙏🏻 ...AND for those who follow me for travel inspo, @ceilaovillas is a great affordable hotel in #Colombo who serve a crazy good stringhopper breakfast 😎 #ayubowen #vannakam

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kami ingin mengucapkan epy deepavali dari kami semua... #VANNAKAM

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Still on holiday mood Deepavali weekend #vannakam

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Just Within Reach Malaysia and Nikalaos Ng wish everyone that celebrates the Indian New Year a happy Deepavali (Festival of Lights). May you be blessed with enlightenment, love, peace, forgiveness, smiles and abundance from all angles. Vannakam! With Love, Nikalaos Ng Just Within Reach Malaysia Reaching Out, Touching Lives #happydeepavali #diwali #kualalumpur #malaysia #festivaloflights #enlightenment #love #peace #abundance #smiles #forgiveness #celebration #nikalaosng #justwithinreachmalaysia #reachingouttouchinglives #instadeepavali #instadiwali #vannakam #instakualalumpur

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