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Comment from Your Personal Cook:

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Comment from BigWill Robertson:

Thanks to everyone that came today. Hope you had a great workout and time. Huge thanks to my coaches who made this experience incredible for everyone. Love y’all! I’m super thankful to have you by my side though battle. We punch each other every week. Hang out at night. Then turn around and help folks in a daily together. You people ROCK! Haha! Let’s keep rolling with it. #friendsandfamilyfunday #60dayworkoutchallenge #mindset #mindbodysoul #balance #wardancetrainingcenter #mindsoulfitoc #boxing #kickboxing #cardio #weighttraining #hiitworkout #meditation #chiropractic #physicaltherapy #holistichealthcoach #holistichealing #fitness #womensselfdefense #wellness #yoga #functionaltraining @mindsoulfitoc @goddessintelligence @ast_j @kimberly_tabay @jsaddik33 @wardance_warriors_unite @ahvari @wardancelife @fit.with.emily @aubynhines

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Some pics from the Prom!!! Celebrating Carol XXX Years!!!

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Comment from Rhianna:

Isaac’s first day at the gym. He did great but will probably avoid bringing him as much as possible.

6 Minutes ago

Comment from Muscles N Ink:

Pretty happy with what i acheived in 8 weeks...i was slowly growing into my cutting body before my body decided that getting to the source of fixing my pain was more important than a cut. not using this an excuse 🚫 my body started to do alot of weird shit over the last 4 a stubborn bitch 👈😂 and kept going but the pain got the better of me...i was holding alot of water ...most probably from inflammation...stress...cortisol levels were no doubt through the roof 😲😩 and excess bf was moving but it was also holding on for dear life to 😑🤣 thats 2 unsuccessful cuts in 6 months 🤔 . . body 2 corrie 0 . . So...focusing on trying to get pain free with no stress of trying to cut guessing if i give my body what it return it will give me what i want 😁💖 growth! Im hoping i can execute a cut this year...because i want to see whats under the fluff and where i need to put in work 😎 . . . . . .

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Comment from Jennifer Lowry:

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Comment from Stacey:

Just keep lifting...just keep lifting, lifting, lifting...what do we do? We lift, lift, LIIIIIFT! Can you guess my favorite Disney movie?

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