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Comment from Claire:

When your friend buys you a litre bottle of Bailey's 👍 guess what we will be drinking tonight 😉😉 #winning #greatmates

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Comment from Alan Sevajian:

Apparently two bags of coffee gets you a free shot of espresso. I may just call it a day. I can’t see how it’s possibly going to get better from here. Cheers @myhautecoffee! #christmascameearly #winning

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Comment from Autoimmune Paleo:

Evening all! Navigating the party season can be a minefield that can leave an AIP’er either poisoned or starving! God love those friends who are delighted to tell you that their canapés or snacks are gluten free and then wait for your impressed reaction when all the while your stifling the ‘yeh but are they dairy, egg, legume, nightshade and grain free?’ response. It’s just so much easier to prepare party stuff that u can feel safe eating so that it’s there if you’re hosting or so u can bring it with u to gatherings. Some of my faves: 1️⃣Roasted beetroot dip @mickeytrescott an awesome blend of roasted beets with coconut oil and salt for approx 1 hour, thrown in a blender with apple cider vinegar, garlic, salt, lemon and olive oil. Amazing with carrots! 2️⃣Cauli Avo Hummus @unboundwellness involves steaming a head of cauli and blending with 1 avo, garlic and onion powder, salt and olive oil. 3️⃣Coconut yoghurt Tzatziki which is basically @coyo_uk coconut yoghurt mixed with some fresh lime juice and thinly sliced cucumber. I also serve with some veggie chips like plantains and some olives. I tried this out on some guests last night and loved seeing their shock at how good everything tasted. Here’s to getting through the festive season in one piece! @pearlsofnashdom #nashaip #aip #autoimmunepaleo #autoimmunedisease #nutritiousanddelicious #healyourself #winning #christmas

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Comment from KendallFicklin:

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you stick with something long enough. Don’t quit!!! Don’t stop!!!

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