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Frozen Red River.

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Grand opening was such a great success! Thank you to everyone that came out to support it means so much to us! •• Because I'm in such a giving mood, Book your next color with me and get 30% OFF your service W/ complimentary treatment! Pre-book your next 2 appointments, and get entered into a draw for a $50 gift card! **CLOSING DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED**

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🦉🦉🦉 The owl spirit brings wisdom, protection, and helps us discover hidden secrets. Owls have a night vision and can see things not revealed to the human eye. Your spirit owl can help you tap into the spirit knowledge and develop your perceptions and intuition. . . . Art by @kalbarteski . . #Owl #WiseOwl #SnowyOwl #SpiritAnimal #SpiritOwl #KalBarteski #BackAlleyArctic #BeautifulInTheSnow #Adventure #AdventureDays #WithMyBaby #SundayFunday #Wolesley #Winnipeg #Manitoba #Canada #LetsBeWeirdos #MyWeirdo #TimeTogether #NoKids #SpendingThatTimeWithMyWeirdo #SundayAdventures #TrailsManitoba #ImagesOfCanada #Pocket_Canada

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Every morning my cat starts his day by checking himself out in the mirror. Every. Freaking. Morning.

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Staff picks in pics! We all know Liz is a busy bee, not only is she a superstar esthetician but, she also teaches dance, and dances HEELS at @stilettostudioinc. Is there anything this girl doesn’t do!?? Liz heavily relies on Tiber bath products to soothe sore muscles and relax her after many long days at both jobs. Muscle relief bath salts keep her limber, Lavender Vanilla Bath Bombs (and yes she uses the whole thing) help to wind her mind and body down for some sweet zzz’s and Goddess body wash and bubble bath because it’s smells A-mazing and makes her skin silky soft. ❤️💃🏻💅🏻

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Welcome the newest ring holder to our collection...hopping its way right into our hearts 🐰💗 #thecutest

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I honestly can't say enough good things about this amazing #bakery and in particular this #sproutedgrains bread from @silverhillsbakery. Don't believe me? Swipe to see the numbers! If you're looking to #portioncontrol, if you're looking to go #lowcarb and #highprotein, if you're looking to lose weight like my friend @shovon_yyc then this #sproutedbread needs to become a staple in your home. It certainly has mine thanks to #gestationaldiabetes. Compare that two pieces of this #bread has 19g of carbs compared to a regular loaf at 31g! But I hear you saying yes but look at the slices they are smaller and thinner. That's true. But have you seen the protein content???? 7g! To put it into perspective a large #egg has only 6g of #protein. Two slices of #bologna has 8g of protein. A 1/ 1/4 cube inch of #cheese has 7g of #protein. And you're getting the same from BREAD! That's huge! And did you see the #fibre content??? 5 whopping grams compared to normal bread's measly 1g. And did I mention... it's also #delicious and #madeincanada!

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