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Comment from Zuhuy:

Last sunrise 🌅 ❤️❤️

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Comment from Daniel Wise:

1. Visit my website (in my profile) 2. Sign up for my E-mail list (you'll see a pop up) 3. Show up for a class (check class schedule on my site) Free kickass movement is yours. Oh and this year I am bringing some workshops on the road. Hand Balance Fundamentals. Feb 3 @downtownyoga.os Feb 17 @otyogabody And some big news for Introduction to Budokon in March and April. Stay tuned! #freeyoga #oceansprings #slidell #mixedmovmentart #yogalife #yogisofIG #yogisofinstagram #yogaphotography #yogafitness #yogaeverydamnday #yogadaily #yogaadventure #yogajourney #yogainspiration #yogastrong #yogi #osu #balance #peacefulwarrior #martialarts #Hattiesburg #namaste #budokon #budokonyoga #teambudokon #budokonfamily #mixedmovementarts #instagood #photooftheday #vscocam

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What will it take for you to accept your D R E A M life as a possibility? 💕 The tools to achieve our dream life state are already within us. Uncovering barriers & finding the source of our motivations is the key. Join us on 1/23 from 6pm-8pm for a guided manifestation meditation, vision board workshop, bites by @moresaltpleassse sips by @kombuchaculture and macrame art by & @lovehousecollective I can't wait to see you there! Link in bio, reserve your spot now & tag a friend YOU want to recharge with at this weekday renewal workshop! ⭐️ Pictured here is Hali, the beauty & skilled healer behind @humblebuzzholistics ✨ ✨ ✨ #confidence #wellnessevent #manifest #liveauthentic #lifestylephotography #spirituality #rechargeevents #veganinsandiego #shopsmallsandiego #yogafitness #sandiegoevents #yogajourney #sandiegoyoga #spiritualawakening #loveyourself #veganevents #womeninbiz #selfcare #intentions #hippiestyle #gathering #sandiegoevents #supportsmallbusiness #sandiegoblogger #visionboard #visionboardparty #workshop #sandiegogram #healthylifestyle #healthymind #sandiegostyle

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Comment from Morgan Bujokas:

ALRIGHT! YOU CAUGHT ME! I CHEATED FOR THE GRAM😂 I cannot split nearly at all and honestly it hasnt been something I've worked on very much in the past, but I do love to get the effects of splits from wide legged stretches! Such as the one pictured here that, when taken from the right angle, can even kind of look like the splits ahaha 😂😂 " @Regranned from @helen_garner_yoga - - Do you strive for balance and poise? Have you ever taken more than 10 photos because one of your fingers had a mind of its own? Are you sometimes tempted to take your photo with a mirror to make sure that every line is on point? Let those symmetrical obsessions free in #SuperSymmetry - our follow up to last year's #SpringSymmetry! - Starting on January the 15th, we'll take you through an eclectic mix of yoga poses, all modifiable to your level of practice, with only one rule - be as symmetrical as you can! Be careful, you may spend longer getting your photo than you first imagined... To take part and be eligible for prizes, re-post this flyer, tag 3 friends to join you, and follow the hosts and our generous sponsors! - Hosts: @helen_garner_yoga @vythathin @yogamonkeyliz @omniyogagirl Sponsors: @marthaacunasportswear @ocean.and.tides @urbn.nirvana @yogamatsuk @my_yoga_store - For those of you who like to plan ahead, here are our poses: Day 1: Wide-legged forward fold (any) Day 2: Toestand Day 3: Camel Pose Day 4: Shoulderstand Day 5: Splits Day 6: Egg shaped headstand Day 7: Yogi's Choice - . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #yogaphotography #yogapose #yogagirl #yogisofinstagram #instayoga #yogafit #yogainspiration #poseoftheday #yogafitness #yogaeverydamnday #yogi #feeltheyogahigh #practiceandalliscoming #instayoga #yogacommunity #iloveyoga #yogalooksgood #inspiredyogis #yogamotivation #yogaposes #myyoga #yogasouthafrica #practiceyoga #yogachallenge #igyogachallenges - #regrann"

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Comment from r a d • s h a h:

D I D Y O U M I S S I T T H I S W E E K ? . . Well SAVE THE DATE for the next #RadYoga class at WeWork Walnut St! Tuesday, Feb 13 // 6pm 2nd Fl . RSVP // link in bio

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- WEEKEND YOGA SCHEDULE - Our MO FLOW MIXED class is designed for all levels. A Vinyasa-style flow class, you will be guided through yoga postures, synchronizing breath to movement.  Classes typically include sun salutations, creative sequencing and layers to build heat while guiding you at an accessible pace.  Leave your mat with an open heart, strong body and a calm mind. Swipe right for our weekend schedule 🙌🏻 #momentumtrainingcenter #momentum #yoga #sdyoga #flowlift #vinyasa #namaste #yogainspiration #yogafitness #sanelijo #sanelijohills #sanmarcos #discoversanmarcos #sanelijolife #openheart #strongbody

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Comment from K A R L I • LINDOR:

5/80 ✔️ And I’d say I’m feeling pretty good⚡️🙈 bumped my weights to 40lb cuz it’s leg day and this girl is prepping to climb some mountains. Thank goodness I’m never stuck on one of those stair climber things at the gym..I legit would feel like a hamster. 😂 Hoping next week is a little harder, (I know I’m going to regret saying that) - but in all honesty I’m not as sore as I thought I’d be! PSA for any of you ladies out there - STOP being afraid of lifting heavy weights 💪🏼🏋🏼‍♀️ #TeamRootToRise #obsessed

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Comment from Angela Ellefson:

Flying into Friday with . ✨Eka Pada Bakasana✨ (one-legged crane pose) while little one naps 👼 😴 . After a long week of training, I love to decompress with yoga and lengthen my muscles while improving flexibility and mobility. . In addition to foam rolling (usually done leg days of training) and monthly massages which targets and relieves tension built up in the mayofascial layer of the body, I love to do yoga because it combines static stretching with dynamic, moving stretches as well as incorporating movement and strength . I have a very short attention span with many things (stretching being one of them) and I love the constant movement in a good vinyasa class. Win-win. . Namaste

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Comment from Arêt Basewear:

Did you catch our RESTOCK⁉️💯Gear up for Spring with all our colors, sizes, and cuts available🤗 #basewear #bettertogether

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Jóga je super prostředek, který jsem si v poslední době dost oblíbila. Dále jsem trochu zašilhala k meditaci, která mě odtahuje od stresu a nervů. Pokud nevíte, jak na to, na mém YT - Little Niky máte návod, jak s takovou meditací začít, a co vám přináší. 🙏🏻🧘🏽‍♀️ Krásný klidný pátek všem. Niky • • • • • #yoga #yogapants #yogachallenge #yogalover #yogaforlife #yogaretreat #yogajournal #yogafitness #yogafit #yogateacher #yogagirls #joga #joganapohodu #jogadnes #namaste #asana #meditation #relax

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Comment from Laura 🖤:

“while we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about” - Angela Schwindt 💙 . Some unexpected #forearmfriday fun with my little dude 💙 (flowing to our fav - #fob 🎶) #loveandalliscoming #mybabe #friyay 🤗

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Comment from YogaCutie™:

Yoga lovers are going crazy over their new 7 Chakras yoga mat!!🌈💕 That’s why @free.spirit.wonders is giving this away for 75% OFF!! Limited to the first 15 customers😍Use this during your daily yoga sessions as a reminder to restore balance🧘‍♀️🕉 Tap the link in our bio to get yours today! 👆🏻👆🏻Tag a fellow Yogi who needs this 🙏🏼

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Comment from Amber Long:

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Comment from Just.Jule:

Komm, wir machen mal noch fix n Foto für die #balanceyoga2018 challenge 😝 Naja... So fix gings dann doch nicht... Miss #totaleUnflexibilitätImRücken hat sich nämlich wieder richtig schön blöd angestellt 😂😂😂 Ohne Spaß... Bei allen anderen sah das so einfach aus 😱 Aber da ist mein Rücken einfach noch zu unflexibel für 🙄😫 Aber irgendwann wird das!💪😊 Morgen kommt das letzte Foto... Tag 15... Und dann ist die challenge auch schon wieder rum 😱 @fitness.marry_christin @diieselly @easyherbst @icaniwill - - - - - - - - - - - - #yoga #yogaforsoul #yogafitness #yogaeveryday #yogalife #yogalove #happy #happyfriday #friday #friyay

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Comment from Jenny:

To post a non yoga selfie would be a challenge for me 🤣. I practice throughout the day and when I am not I am usually napping, driving, taking a shower, or eating so I don’t usually change clothes for those activities. I do have non-yoga clothes. I wear them too (sometimes just over yoga stuff 😆). So whenever I get tagged for a #nonyogaselfie I try to find my last one. I have wedding photos from two weeks ago and today’s car line car dance video from my story. I figured it’s perfect because @inspired_by_jenna also asked what we like to do for fun. I like to dance in my car everywhere I go. The kids love it. So it makes car trips amusing. If you see a minivan with bass pumping and people jumping it’s probably mine. Sending you all #happyfriyay vibes with my silly car dance (I bleeped 🤬 out a curse word that still makes my ears bleed to hear in music 🎶 if you why I added a “boing” sound). So now that I am back home, I am slipping that purple dress off and back into yoga clothes (actually they are still on under the dress 🤫). I have plans to practice pincha even if it’s on the floor near my couch if the grass outside feels too cold for me. Or maybe I will nap. I also LOVE naps almost as much as exercising . 💕 😴 . . I tagged a few of you to post a non yoga selfie and share a few non yoga hobbies too 😁

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Comment from S A M:

HAPPY FRIDAY ✨ some weeks i am STARVING for friday- this week was one of those 🙌🏼 so one of my goals for this year is to prioritize working out on a regular, scheduled basis, even if that's means waking up before the sun. productive workout = productive day (for me at least) 💪🏼 so this morning i had these great plans to go take a 6am yoga class. i forgot set my alarm last night!! so i wokeup at 5:45a this morning- and rushing just is not my thing. SO, I decided to practice at home ❣️ ended up being a win-win situation because i got my workout in, got to sip on some tea, and had some extra time to chill 💆🏽 // 🎶 still jamming to @alexaiono every since i saw him in concert last week. this is his cover of one dance 🔥 @umusicexp # #erience

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