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I'm booking appointments now lol

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My moon is in Aries, and those traits run very strong within my sunbconscious and conscious mind at times. Everyone has their own unique combination basedvon when and where your time of birth occured. Made sense to me when I thought of how different people of the same sign can be. If those signs tend to clash usually, that person may live their life always feeling that internal conflict that can be frustrating. If they mesh well and compliment each other, then those people may feel more balanced and grounded, while still others may more of the same sign, this basically intensifies those strong steriotypical traits and can make you feel balanced and well aligned, but also intensifies those common negative traits too. Which can make for a very strongwilled/your own worste enemy type. To get a copy of your own personal birth chart, you can web search any birth chart calculators. All you need is the time, date, and location of your birth, and you'll see a full report of exactly where all the planets, stars, sun, comets, and more, were located at the exact time and place of your birth. They play a part in your personality, way of thinking, and even your appearance. 4 weigh a little heavier when it comes to making you who you are based on your own unique combinations, those are your sun sign, your moon sign, rising sign, and ascending sign. Jko @la_passionate #repost #astrologylover #tarotlover #♒

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Its a tough concept for many to understand...

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